Social Media

Manage all your social media channels and profiles from one place.

Manage all your social media in one place

With VBOUT, you can easily control all your social media channels from one place without the need to manage them separately. You can also organize your social media profiles into groups to easily handle multiple brands or assign them to different team members.

Save time with social media posting

Easily manage your social media posts using VBOUT’s drag & drop calendar. You can compose, schedule or publish posts across different social media channels, upload them in bulk or set recurring posts to show at different dates or times.

Keep your audience engaged

Monitor all your social media pages and engage with your followers across all your profiles from a single platform. Always be ready to interact with your audience by checking your likes, comments, shares and direct messages.

Stay on top of your game

Get in depth insights and thorough analytics to check how well you are doing on your social media channels. Monitor your performance across all your metrics and KPIs, check latest conversations and discover mentions through hashtag and keyword geo-search.

Social Media Features

  • Multi networks & profiles
  • Profile grouping
  • Social media calendar
  • Compose posts
  • Schedule posts
  • Social Categories
  • Mass posting
  • Custom posting
  • Multimedia
  • Gallery posting
  • AI design editor
  • Engagement inbox
  • Notification panel
  • Twitter search
  • Instagram search
  • Vanity URL
  • URL click counter
  • Link shortener
  • Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels does BestBiz ToolBox allow me to manage?

You can manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. On Instagram, you can monitor your posts, followers, following, mentions, and reply to comments. VBOUT also allows you to set your Business Account on Instagram to send email reminders.

How many profiles can I connect?

You can connect as many profiles as you want.

Is there a calendar view of scheduled posts?

Yes! You can visualize all your posts on a single calendar. You can use the drag & drop functionality or display your posts on a weekly, monthly or list view to easily manage your social media content.

Can you automate social media posting?

Yes. You can schedule your social media posts from the dashboard ahead of time to be published once or on a recurring manner. You can also put all your posts that you want to publish in an excel sheet for mass posting. Check this for more information.

Can I measure social clicks?

Yes, absolutely. Based on the URL click counter, you’ll be able to track the number of clicks for each of your social media posts.

What social media analytics data can I track within the platform?

There are several metrics that VBOUT’s social media suite allows you to monitor such as your followers geographic, demographic data and their engagement with your posts by looking at the number of likes, links clicked, visits, mentions, impressions, shares, comments and much more.

Does BestBiz ToolBox support social listening?

Definitely. BestBiz ToolBox’s social media suite allows you to geo search and track hashtags and keywords to monitor your brand mentions on Twitter. You can also search for accounts and follow them from the platform. Similarly for Instagram, you can search hashtags directly from your BestBiz ToolBox account to track the mentions of your brand and find posts relevant to your industry.

What type of content should I post?

It depends on your target audience and their preferences. You can look at your posts insights within your analytics section, to track the previously published posts types, their clicks, comments, impressions, likes and shares. Visuals are enticing for social media and you can use Canva editor to design artworks, banners, infographics and more, without the need for editing skills.

Can I download or export data?

Yes. Depending on your preferences, you can download your data or export reports using custom dashboards. You can also export some data like your followers countries, and posts insights for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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