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Create stunning landing pages that convert. No coding required!

Create landing pages quickly and easily

No need to hire a developer or a designer. Build responsive landing pages with BestBiz ToolBox's super easy drag & drop builder. Choose from awesome ready-to-use templates or pre-designed blocks, design your own custom layouts or even upload your own HTML.

Brand your landing pages

White-labeling your landing pages with BestBiz ToolBox is flexible. You can use BestBiz ToolBox's default URL or your own domain names and manage all your landing pages from one place.

Grab more attention

Personalize your landing pages and be more relevant to your leads. Enhance your conversions by dynamically changing content based on your visitor data.

Extend your landing pages abilities

Integrate your landing pages with other tools available to you on BestBiz ToolBox such as automation, email marketing, lead scoring, as well as user engagement tracking and in-depth analytics.

Landing Pages Features

Landing pages features

  • Awesome templates
  • Page manager
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Customizable layouts
  • Ready-made design blocks
  • Design components
  • Undo / Redo
  • Built-in inline editor
  • Code editor
  • Upload your own design
  • Form builder
  • URL redirects
  • Hyperlink
  • Survey Builder
  • Tags
  • Custom Values
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Media library
  • Design preview
  • Version Control
  • SEO tool
  • GDPR compliance tool
  • Split Testing
  • Custom CSS Code
  • Analytics

Social media management

  • Multi networks & profiles
  • Profile grouping
  • Social media calendar
  • Compose posts
  • Schedule posts
  • Sortable History
  • Bulk posting
  • Custom posting
  • Multimedia
  • Gallery posting
  • AI design editor
  • Engagement inbox
  • Notification panel
  • Twitter search⊕
  • Instagram search⊕
  • Google Business search
  • Social Planner Templates
  • CSV Uploads
  • Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a landing page with BestBiz ToolBox?

You can create a landing page by choosing from our pre-designed templates, layouts or components. Or you can either develop a new design building block on your own.

Can I personalize my landing pages?

Yes, BestBiz ToolBox allows you to use custom url parameters in what is referred to as a custom value. You can pass these url paramenters through to your sales page or funnel page allowing them to be custom. You can do a similar thing on your website, but remember, you must know the visitor to your page in order to personalize it.

How many landing pages can I create?

You can create as many landing pages as you want. No limitations.

Can I upload an external landing page?

Yes, you can. By uploading your own HTML code. We also allow direct import of Click Funnels pages.

Can I test the responsiveness of a landing page?

Yes. You can preview how your landing page looks across your browsers and different devices. With a click of a button you can switch between desktop and mobile view.

Does your landing page builder include ecommerce?

Yes. You can now copy the feed of a particular ecommerce website and use them as blocks in landing pages. Users will be able to view the products directly on these pages.

Can I measure the analytics of my landing page?

Yes. BestBiz ToolBox allows you to track the traffic and conversions generated from your landing pages and obtain detailed lead interactions across your various marketing channels. Further, we provide the facilities to do A/B testing.

Can I add my own tracking code to my landing page?

Yes. You can add third party tracking or retargeting codes such as Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. Please refer to this guide for clear instructions.

Can I use my own domain name with BestBiz landing pages?

Yes, BestBiz ToolBox allows you to use your own custom domain with your landing pages. Please refer to this guide for clear instructions.

Can I add UTM tags to my landing page?

Yes. You can add UTM parameters to your landing page in order to measure the performance of your campaigns and find out how to get more visitors. Check out this guide to find out how to add these parameters to your landing page URL for Google Ad Campaign tracking.

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