SMS Marketing

Send personalized text messages and blast winning campaigns to engage with your leads.

Create SMS Campaigns in minutes

No need to hire a developer or a designer. Build responsive SMS Text templates with total creative control using BestBiz ToolBox's super easy drag & drop editor. Choose from awesome ready-to-use pre-designed template blocks, design your own using custom layouts or even upload your own HTML.

Bring your text messages to life

Personalize your messages with custom values and create dynamic texts by adding active content such as animated GIFs, countdowns, CTA buttons and “Add-to-calendar” events.

Automate your message campaigns

Create automated text messages that get triggered based on lead score, behavior or progress within your automation workflow. Engage robo-dialer on connection interest.

Send better text message campaigns

SMS marketing is a cozy, direct way to sprinkle a little excitement into your customers' day with special offers, updates, and news, all delivered straight to their fingertips through text messages. It's a swift and warmly received method, making conversations with customers as easy as sharing a cup of coffee.

SMS Marketing Features | Benefits


    When it comes to stretching your marketing dollars, SMS messages stand out as one of the most budget-friendly options available. Not only do they cost a fraction of what other marketing methods do, but they also boast an impressive return on investment, sweetening the deal for both your wallet and your profit margins.

    Let's cozy up with a quick comparison chart to see just how warm and beneficial this choice can be.

  • Heart-felt Connections

    Imagine this: a recent study revealed that Americans find themselves immersed in their phones for an average of 4 hours every single day. Given that we're awake for about 15 hours, this means a cozy quarter of our daily lives is spent in the glow of phone screens.

    This is where SMS marketing becomes your secret to reaching out and touching hearts, connecting with your audience in a space where they're already comfortably nestled.

  • Instantly Heartwarming Messages

    The magic of SMS campaigns lies in their ability to be embraced by your audience the moment they're sent out, with most finding their way into the hearts and eyes of recipients almost instantly.

    It's a delightful fact that the majority of SMS messages are warmly welcomed within the first three minutes, making them the perfect vessel for those offers that just can't wait.

    And even if your message arrives while their phone is tucked away, rest assured, it will be greeted with eager eyes shortly. Most text notifications patiently wait on screen, ensuring your message is not just seen, but felt, offering your business a uniquely intimate channel of communication.

  • High Engagement Rates

    It's not just that people enjoy SMS marketing; they absolutely adore it.

    An astonishing 98% of all business SMS messages find their way into the hearts and minds of customers. That's practically every nine out of ten people you're reaching out to, eagerly awaiting your next message.

    Craft your messages with a sprinkle of value and a dash of personal touch, and you might just see those engagement rates soar even higher, creating a connection that's both meaningful and magical.

  • Magical sales touch

    Our discoveries have been nothing short of enchanting: about one-third of those who receive SMS messages find themselves drawn to the call to action. Within this captivated audience, a heartwarming 47% are inspired to make a purchase.

    The sparkle of SMS marketing truly dazzles during the festive season. Take Black Friday 2022, for example, when the airwaves were abuzz with a 68% leap in promotional SMS activity over the previous year, weaving a spell that led to a 57% surge in orders. While these numbers might seem modest at first glance, they translate into tens of thousands of wishes fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many texts am I allowed to send?

As many as you need. It's all a matter of budget. The cost is low, but it can get away from you if you aren't careful. Like any advertising, it must be properly managed.
Check our pricing page for more details.

Do you have a drag-and-drop functionality?

Yes. You can create a text message by choosing from our pre-designed templates, layouts or components.

Can I upload an external text template?

No, you can't. But there is a very simple mechanism for creating you text blocks that is literally cut and paste.

Can I personalize my texts?

Yes, you can personalize your texts by adding custom values that are available in the text editor.

Are your texts mobile friendly?

Yes. We always make sure our texts are mobile responsive and look great across all devices and browsers. You can use our preview function to how it looks.

How is SMS marketing performance measured?

It depends on whether your business is B2B or B2C and the target audience you would like to reach. You can send the same text at different days and times to determine the most convenient time.

Can I send a large volume of texts in small batches?

Yes. You can use batch sending functionality within BestBiz ToolBox to break down your target lists into smaller subsets and mitigate your sending risks across a longer period of time.

How is SMS marketing performance measured?

You can measure the performance of your campaigns by tracking the open rate, click through rate, conversions, spam complaints so you will be able to determine, based on the goals you set, if the desired results are met or not.

How many SMS messages can I send per month?

The number of SMS messages are based on the plans available in Twilio. You’ll be able to send Twilio SMS from the BestBiz ToolBox platform.

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