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Balanced and Experienced Leadership

Guided by a formidable triumvirate of seasoned veterans, Top of Your Game Marketing is an epitome of business acumen and experience. This dynamic leadership triumvirate accumulates over a century of combined expertise, with each member contributing unique insights into an array of domains.

At the helm, they bring an unparalleled understanding of technology, reflecting the sophistication and advancement of our modern age. Their nuanced command over the education sector showcases their dedication to the spread of knowledge, fostering growth at both individual and societal levels.

Next, their prowess in program management, sales, and operations illustrates a comprehensive command over the mechanics of running successful ventures. They deftly balance strategic oversight with minute attention to operational details, promoting efficiency and productivity across all business verticals.

Their mastery in copywriting and content management shines a light on their ability to communicate persuasively and effectively. Their carefully crafted narratives captivate audiences, fostering engagement and driving business growth.

Lastly, their experience in coaching and consulting illuminates their dedication to nurturing talent and unlocking potential. They exemplify the art of guidance, fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth.

The captains at Top of Your Game Marketing offer nothing less than proficiency, expertise, and a rich understanding of the business world, poised to guide your business to unparalleled success.

Our Leadership Team

Deryck Jones, MS

Lois Reid, Ed.D.

Hugh Jensen, MBA

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  • "On the Journey of My Life"

    “I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without Deryck's wealth of knowledge in many subjects❣ He's passionate at what he does, and equally so in helping others achieve their goals in business, and dreams in life.”

    - Amanda Woodard Carver, Journey to Life Productions
  • ”They’re Second to None!"

    "Having worked with 100's of technical professionals over the past 20+ years I can honestly say first hand that Deryck's ability to address clients concerns in an immediate and direct fashion is second to none. Although I have been in this industry for many years I've never had the pleasure of working with someone who puts the clients needs to such a defined delivery level."

    - John Gillick, Data Warehousing Expert, United Natural Foods
  • ”An Unparalleled Technical Services Team"

    “I worked with Deryck as a service provider to his company and found him to have a keen understanding of business and technical requirements, and an ability to effectively lead teams to turn those requirements into delivered solutions.”

    - Ted Sontrop, IT Services Leader, Cisco
  • "Management Expert"

    “Deryck brought professionalism and experience to the Software R"&”D function. He introduced an entrepreneurial group to professional best practices, formal software development processes, and established formal QA and project management. He instituted career development planning and supported training aligned to business goals. Deryck was an excellent mentor and manager.”

    - Ken Reed, Engineer (Retired),
  • "Consummate Professional "&" Master of Best Practices"

    “Deryck is an outstanding professional consultant. He is very knowledgeable and perhaps even more important, he understand his clients needs and works along with them to meet those needs and requirements. I would recommend Deryck as a trusted advisor in the areas of telecom, IT, and marketing to any business needing help in those areas.”

    - Dennis Schooley, Franchisor at Schooley Mitchell
  • "Seasoned Professionals”

    “Deryck and Lois are seasoned professionals with a well balanced background who have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.”

    - Sean Fox, EVP, SIB Fixed Cost Reduction
  • "Helping People Build Communities"

    "Deryck is an innovative and detail oriented technology and business process “Gem”. I have enjoyed working with him on a large platform design and development.”

    - Mark Hewitt, The Metamorphisis Project
  • "Master at Generating Results"

    "Deryck and his team do an exceptional job in assisting their clients with all of their telecom, IT, and marketing efforts. His successful track record speaks for itself. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Deryck and his team!”

    - Dana Dahms, Director, Global Sales
  • "Expert in Generating Ideas into Plan, Plans to Action, and Action to Results"

    "Deryck is skilled in being able to put thoughts and ideas into a well a crafted business plan and then into operation. Often I have found that operationally minded people and sales people clash, not so with Deryck, he is very balanced and has a very good mind for sales / business development as well as his operational and technical strengths.”

    - Mike Bartlett, Owner, CardPro Systems
  • "Best Executive I Ever Worked With"

    "Deryck is the best senior executive I've ever worked with and I'm proud to say we worked together. He has helped to motivate me through his encouragement and tutelage. His willingness to always share his ideas and experiences is an asset that has helped me grow as a professional. His extreme work ethic and demand for quality has a profound impact upon his staff.”

    - Greg Panagiotopoulos, Technology Manager, Marathon Staffing
  • "Master at Managing the Corporate Environ

    "I enjoyed working with Deryck immensely; he showed a good grasp of how to encourage those in his department to care about their projects. I also remember how he shielded us all from the internal politics :)”

    - James Shaw, Co-Founder of Inventive
  • "Best CTO I Ever Worked With"

    "Deryck was one of the best ever CTO's for whom I've work. He was able to enter the organization and evaluate employees, infrastructure, and best practices and formulate a growth plan for the IT organization that so engendered the spirit of the staff and the organization's goals, that it continued to grow to fruition, even after his departure.”

    - Christopher Vega, M"&”A, New Media Technology Specialist
  • "Organized, Punctual, Flexible, Generous with their Time!"

    "Deryck and Lois at have been a blessing. They have walked me through concepts and practical solutions to problems I had been delaying and giving up on, for months and years. They didn’t put any pressure on me. With their help, I’ve finally created a framework and system for guiding my audience to where they themselves want to go. Deryck and Lois are the epitome of patience and persistence, along with really knowing what they’re talking about, and having my best interests in mind. ”

    -- Kaveh Navab, Dr., Cardiac Anesthesiologist, Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • "Work Ethic and Standards to be of the Highest Ever Worked With!"

    "Top of Your Game Marketing is a pleasure to work with. I find their work ethic, professionalism, and integrity to be of the highest standards. Their marketing and lead generation strategies are always cutting edge and bring results. I highly recommend Top of Your Game Marketing. ”

    -- Hans Anderson
  • "Highly Knowledgeable Team"

    "Top of Your Game Marketing is a great company with a team that is knowledgeable and reliable. They take the time to truly listen to your needs. They have years of experience to handle large corporate accounts and also smaller businesses.”

    - Ron Wong
  • "Worked within Our Budget, Built a Strategic Plan, and Helped in Implementation"

    "Very knowledgeable and helped us create a comprehensive strategic plan tailored to what we really need, fits within our budget, maximizes the actions we want to do ourselves, and helps us monitor what’s working and what’s not so we can adjust when we need to. Now that we’ve built a solid foundation for growing our business we can feel confident and be prepared for it.”

    - Lynn True, Truely Creative Marketing

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